We organized a side event titled After the Disaster of The Century: Facts, Impacts, and The Role of Solidarity in Recovery

At the Council of Europe, we organized a side event titled "After the Disaster of The Century: Facts, Impacts, and The Role of Solidarity in Recovery," ensuring that the devastating effects of the earthquake and the needs of the region were shared with the international public. During the event, our Digital Team Leader, Ayşenur Sarıer, delivered a speech on the role of technology and communication tools in disaster preparedness and post-disaster efforts. With the virtual reality application we developed, we provided European Parliamentarians the opportunity to visit the earthquake-affected area and observe the destruction in a manner closest to reality.

Under the auspices of the Turkish Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and with the support of RealWorks Global, the Director of the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, Prof. Dr. Haluk Özener, revealed the striking dimensions of the earthquake with scientific data. At the same time, the General Manager of the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), Ayse Kirimli, and the founder of the SosyalBen Foundation, Ece Ciftci, shared the needs of the region from the perspective of non-governmental organizations.

The event, moderated by the Chairman of the Turkish Delegation, Ahmet Yıldız, featured the reporter on natural disasters, Belgian Parliamentarian Simon Moutquin, who shared his experiences from his visit to the earthquake region. Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Prof. Dr. Emine Nur Özkan Günay discussed the ongoing work and future plans on behalf of the Republic of Turkey in the affected area.

As RealWorks, we are proud to have organized such an important event and to have informed and encouraged the international public about the needs in the earthquake-affected region. From day one, we have been doing everything we can for the area affected by the earthquake and will continue to do so. We once again invite all our stakeholders not to forget the region and to continue their support.

There is still much work to be done.